Muds MUcks Moos is not just first time orc ever get website, hooman. is place to kill, maim, slash and hack your way to gold and thru stoopid hooman skullz.

Aaaargh I hate talk on web come kill me I am Orc!

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Super Cheap MU Hosting

Orcs demand as little as $13 per year to host your MUD, MUCK, MOO or other lightweight service. That includes DISK SPACE and WEB FOLDER. Whoo hoo. Host a site, host a MU.

Cheap Hosting Offers

Linux VPS Hosting

By way of Drow magic, we offer supreme deals on an ultra-fast hosting platform served by multiple T3 connections, at an insanely affordable price.

Premium Unmanaged VPS


Orcs are proud of offering hosting to the broadest collection of the least censored online text game code archive on entire internets. Orcs host everything from the 1990s MU era to the present day source codes submitted by our users.

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Other Services

We host several services for online RPG gamers that are completely free. Also, we are involved in several partner websites, and host our own Wikia dedicated to honorable MU history.

MUD Listings

We open sourced our MUD lister, which is designed to build a decentralized network of MUD listing services to maintain the best and most up-to-date list. It also has a "Graveyard" for remembering the title screens from yesteryear.

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MUDs Wikia

We decided, after contributing to Wikipedia and to another Wikia, we wanted a free and open environment that truly doesn't discriminate or have any hidden agendas. So, along with Forgotten MUD, we started to do just that.

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Meet Lost Astronaut is a brand owned and proprieted by Lost Astronaut Studios, a graphical game design house with two titles on STEAM Greenlight.

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