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&hangup flip=$hang up:@switch [u(mode)]=ICC,{@pemit [u(INCOMING)]=It sounds like the other side hung up.;@tr [u(INCOMING)]/reset;@oemit %#=%N picks up and hangs up immediately.;@pemit %#=You pick up and hang up immediately.[setq(t,[u(INCOMING)])][set(%qt,CONNECTING:)][set(%qt,MODE:WFC)][set(me,MODE:WFC)][set(me,INCOMING:)];@tr me/reset},CIP,{@pemit %#=You hang up.;@oemit %#=%N hangs up.;@tr [u(CONNECTED)]/reset;@pemit [u(CONNECTED)]=The other side hung up.;@emit [set(u(CONNECTED),CONNECTED:)][set(me,CONNECTED:)];@tr me/reset},DTVM,{@pemit %#=You decided to hang up.;@oemit %#=%N decides to hang up.;@tr me/reset},WFC,{@pemit %#=The phone is already hung up.}

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$hang up:
 @switch [u(mode)]=
 @pemit [u(INCOMING)]=It sounds like the other side hung up.;
 @tr [u(INCOMING)]/reset;@oemit %#=%N picks up and hangs up immediately.;
 @pemit %#=You pick up and hang up immediately.
 @tr me/reset
 @pemit %#=You hang up.;
 @oemit %#=%N hangs up.;
 @tr [u(CONNECTED)]/reset;
 @pemit [u(CONNECTED)]=The other side hung up.;
 @emit [set(u(CONNECTED),CONNECTED:)][set(me,CONNECTED:)];
 @tr me/reset
 @pemit %#=You decided to hang up.;
 @oemit %#=%N decides to hang up.;
 @tr me/reset
 @pemit %#=The phone is already hung up.

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