• $1/month Linux shell account with both website and game server hosting

    orcs.biz runs state of the art Orcbuntu yoonix for all you hosting needs. hoomans can sign up and pay only $12 USD per year to serve web pages, get email, IRC, use Linux, and run 1 daemon / server (you are designated 1 port), plus you get 1GB gauranteed storage! need more? see all account offers

    yes, it is ok to run commercial websites and commercial pay-for-play games (as long as they don't break our terms)

    there are no bandwidth caps, and you can buy more disk space if you need it. we also don't cap your CPU usage, but we have our terms that specify certain required limits

  • hosting for you roleplaying game

    want to run MUD? MUD ok here. you can run other types of servers too, just tie note to rock and throw at us and scream about what kind of game server you want to run and orc will get back to you.

  • you developer? trade code for shell

    orc brain hurt. you learned PHP? orc need you. for 20 hour werk *when available* orc will give you free Orc account for one moon cycle. (but you must identify with a $1 USD PayPal payment)

  • you rich? orc need money

    orc take donations. orc has no gold! server cost orc money, and orc is pissed. help orc, please help orc! donate $500 and get unlimited account

  • you merchant? orc has deal for you

    sell 1-yr orcs.biz account (Orc account or better) and get a year free of Orc account tier, sell two of any account, get two year free of Orc account tier, and so on until orc is dead.
    sell a VPS and get $20 referral kickback plus big thank you from Orc lord

To join orcs.biz and get your account, you hooman must identify yourself and pay $12 USD (for one year of account access). You hooman can use web form to send information, and pay with PayPal. All payments are non-refundable. Orc wants you to know that you must abide by our terms; orcish version available for you non-hoomans only if you prove you are orc!

maybe you met orc in past and you are skeptic. orc promise you account! but if you truly need to see shell working, you can log in to our jail shell by ssh orc@orcs.biz and use the password 'orc' .. we promise you find only bones in cell, no living hoomans we swear!

I tell you already to contact orcs by web form or by ticket, but you didn't listen or maybe orc poked your eye and you cannot see silly hooman. well fine then, you go to Orc IRC then. anyway, orc promise to get back to you in 1-2 sun cycles.

Orcs.biz is hosted in Orctario, CA and fueled by bloodlust and by hooman sacrifice. Orcs.biz is owned by orc in United States of Orc.
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