Need more than just a shell account? Hows about a nice big slice of computing power? With Drow Hosting, you can serve yourself, with an unmanaged VPS! VPS must be purchased annually. Setup costs $5 USD may take up to 72 hours.

Next 8 signups get a discount! - contact for details and make sure to include the tier number you are interested in.
Tier 1 - $50 USD/month 1 Core, Shared HDD (3 clients) 450GB, 8GB SSD, 1GB RAM (gauranteed), Free Static IP, 10Mbps Full Duplex Unmetered
Tier 2 - $75 USD/month 2 Cores, Shared HDD (2 clients) 700GB, 8GB SSD, 1GB RAM (gauranteed), Free Static IP, 50Mbps Full Duplex Unmetered
Tier 3 - $105 USD/month 4 Cores, Fully Dedicated HDD 1.5TB, 8GB SSD, 2GB RAM (gauranteed), Free Static IP, 100Mbps Full Duplex Unmetered

All systems can have your flavor of linux installed: Centos, Ubuntu, Fedora, FreeBSD, Debian

Fast, reliable

No systems come with control panels, unless you want Webmin or iscCP which we can install. If you want CPanel or another premium panel, it's $200/year.

Remote reboots: Unmanaged VPS's use a "hard reboot request", where when an email is sent to us from a validated email address, we reboot your server for you.

* SSD Drive is a solid state ram drive that is capable of working over 300 x faster than standard hard drives. This has been added in order to improve operating system and database performance. Please note that SSD Hard drive space availability may vary depending on the plan chosen due to the size of the default installation. This does not mean your limit for file storage is 8GB. For additional storage simply use the additional large harddrive included in your plan ( 450GB, 700GB, 1.5T ).

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