Rules of Conduct

  1. Do not be greed with Orc resources. Orcs don't have much, and wasting is just plain stupid. Even orcs know that. Other orcs have to use the same machines to do their evil, so be nice and use only as much as you need. Use too much and there might be a problem with other orcs. When orcs get together in a raiding party, well, look out.

  2. Do not act as a knave. Pirates aren't allowed here. Don't upload files that are illegal to upload. Report any incidents of piracy, child pornography, or anything else by tying a rock to a pidgeon and throwing the pidgeon through a brick wall.

  3. Do not feed trolls. A hungry troll is a sad troll. If you feed it, it will just get mean again.

  4. If you exceed your account limits, we'll contact you. We understand if you go over your account limits a little bit. Once this becomes a lot, we'll simply send you a bill. It's as simple as that. You can either delete your excess files, or you can pay the bill. If you don't pay within 30 days, we'll delete those extra files for you.

  5. Be nice to other orcs. Everyone benefits when others are around who like them, even orcs.

  6. These roolz are subject to change. As we move forward, we might need to adjust these, so come back and make sure you're complying!

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